Automated miniload systems

Top turnover performance for order picking.

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Galler AMS for containers or trays

Customers demand fast delivery times and high delivery quality. Picking operations must be able to meet these demands. Automated miniload systems can provide the necessary turnover performance.

The automated miniload system (AMS) is a self-contained storage system that consists of individual single-storage racks, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), storage equipment such as containers or trays, and a picking area in front. The entire racking system, which can be up to 12 metres high, is frequently completely enclosed. The AS/RS pulls the tray or container off the rack shelf onto the load handling equipment, moves it to the picking area (or onto a conveyor leading to the picking area) and then collects it again from there.Die Regalbediengeräte unserer Systemintegratoren-Partner erreichen hohe Beschleunigungen bzw. Geschwindigkeiten beim Fahren, Heben und beim Einlagern, so dass mit einem AKL sehr hohe Umschlagleistungen zu erzielen sind. Die Tragfähigkeit der Regalbediengeräte liegt dabei in der Regel zwischen 50 und 300 Kilogramm.

The AS/RS units provided by our system integration partners accelerate quickly and move, lift and store items at great speed. This allows the AMS to achieve an excellent turnover performance. The load capacity of the AS/RS units is typically between 50 and 300 kilogrammes.

AMS are always customised for the individual storage goods, unit loads and logistical requirements. Accordingly, each racking system must be built based on an individual design: Shelf heights and widths must be tailored to the containers or trays that will be used. The rack height is also made to measure to accommodate the required storage capacities.

In sum, AMS systems with their high-bay structure and use of automation allow very high volume utilisation and excellent turnover performance. By using specialised software solutions for stock management, they enable constant stock level monitoring.

Application and solution examples

Accessories for automated miniload systems

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Standard shelf

The rack design is customised to match the desired storage equipment. The widths, heights and lengths of the shelves can be adjusted accordingly.

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Angle support

The angle supports can support trays as well as containers. They are riveted to the uprights and have an upturned edge as standard that functions as push-through protector.