Cantilever racks

Storage systems for long goods and bulky items.

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Galler cantilever racks - individual and flexible

Cantilever racks are extremely strong storage systems for the storage of long goods and bulky items. These may include pipes, steel sections, sheet metal, wooden beams or wooden boards. Even scrapped vehicles, sail ships and all types of heavy loads can be stored on this type of racks. Cantilever racks represent an efficient alternative to floor storage. The goods rest directly on the cantilevers without any support at the front. This makes it possible to access the stored goods directly without any need for labour-intensive re-stacking, which helps to avoid damage to the goods. In addition, it is much easier to monitor stock levels.

Use in outdoor installations

For the use in outdoor installations, Galler offers the cantilever racking systems in a high-quality, durable hot-dip galvanised version in compliance with DIN EN ISO 1461. In addition, the stored goods can be protected from the weather with wall and roof elements attached to the cantilever racks.

Application and solution examples

Accessories for cantvelier racks

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Cantilever arms

The cantilever arms are tapered towards the front. This shape allows a greater compartment height at the front which makes it significantly easier to store and retrieve items in day-to-day use. The cantilever arms of the heavy-duty system are made from hot-rolled IPE steel sections. The solid material guarantees that hidden rust cannot occur. They are bolted to the vertical columns using the hole patterns with either 100 mm or 50 mm spacing. This allows the individual storage levels to the optimally adapted to the goods that will be stored.

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Roll-off stop

To prevent round items from rolling off the cantilever rack, pins are installed at the ends of the cantilever arms that serve as roll-off stops.