Drive-in pallet racks

Saving space in a big way.

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Drive-Inpallet racks

For non-stackable unit loads with a low turnover, the drive-in pallet rack is a particularly space-saving storage type. The structural design of a drive-in pallet rack is similar to that of a single-storage rack with multiple storage bins behind each other. This creates multiple channels next to each other and on top of each other where pallets can be placed in crosswise orientation or where containers can be placed on steel supports. To do this, the truck drives into the respective storage aisle; before entering, the truck must lift the load to the required height. Drive-in pallet racks achieve a greater utilisation of floor space and cubic space. In principle, the drive-in rack creates the possibility of block storage for goods that cannot be stacked.

Application and solution examples

Accessories for drive-in pallet racks

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Pallet beam with centring device

The pallet beams are hooked into the 50-mm pitch perforations of the rack uprights; positioning is flexible. The Z-shaped special profile of the supporting rail with a contact surface width of 100 mm allows the automatic centring of the load carriers and thus particularly great efficiency when loading. The steel section is bolted to the side of the pallet beam – this ensures that the contact surface is even without any protruding bolt heads. The height of the entire steel section is only about 165 mm.

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Pallet deflector

To protect the upright profiles from damage caused by the pallets during loading, pallet deflectors are installed above the pallet beam.