Mezzanine floors

Enlarging the available floor space.

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Galler mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are self-supporting steel structures that can be walked on and, in some cases, also support vehicle traffic. The additional tier creates new floor space that can be used as work area, without changing the basic footprint of the building. The multi-tier structure allows the optimal utilisation of the cubic space: The structure can be installed above production systems, traffic routes and storage areas. This is an easy way to create additional storage space on the mezzanine itself and at the same time, new space below it, for example for production. The additional floor space created by the mezzanine floor has many versatile, low-cost uses, for example as offices or work area, production or exhibition floor, or as additional warehouse section.

GALLER mezzanine floors - your benefits:

  • Low structural height of mezzanine ceiling.
  • Multi-tier structure allows optimal utilisation of storage space.
  • Heavy steel sections allow wide spans.
  • High live loads up to 2,000 kg/m²
  • Can be used as storage area or work area.

Application and solution examples

Accessories for mezzanine floors

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Pallet safety gate

The pallet safety gate provides maximum fall protection at transfer stations. The swivel gate is always closed on one side – regardless of the direction in which the transfer is made.

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Pallet transfer station

The transfer station is a low-cost component with a solid structural design and comes in different sizes. A chain barrier is used for fall protection. These types of pallet transfer stations are recommended by the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association.