Mobile racks

Outstanding floor space and volume utilisation.

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Pallet racks on mobile bases

Galler mobile racks combine the high floor space and volume utilisation of a block stacking warehouse with the direct storage bin access of conventional pallet racks.

The individual racks stand very close together: Unlike racking systems where the racks are bolted to the floor, mobile racking systems need only a single aisle in order to access all storage bins. The aisle between two rows of racks only opens up when a particular storage bin needs to be accessed. This is done with the help of electric-drive mobile bases that are mounted on the underside of the racks and that run on rails.

Application and solution examples

Cubic space utilisation

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Reach truck versus mobile rack

Your benefits:  Reduction of storage floor space by up to 50 %, or increase of storage capacity by up to 100 %.