GALLERpallet racks

Flexible building block for intralogistics.

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Mehrplatz-Palettenregale von Galler

Multi-storage pallet racks

Flexibility and efficient design make this racking system indispensable for intralogistics.

The efficient design keeps the investment costs relatively low: The rack uprights are spaced far apart and are connected by longitudinal beams. Depending on the weight of the stored goods, up to five pallets can be placed next to each other on the beams. This means that only few rack uprights are needed.

With the appropriate accessories, other unit loads such as containers can also be stored in the pallet rack, or pallets can be stored in crosswise orientation. Typically, lengthwise orientation is used for storing reserve stock on whole pallets. Crosswise orientation is preferred for pallets that are in active use as it affords easier access to the items.

Application and solution examples

Accessories for multi-storage pallet racks

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IPG - Beams

The longitudinal beams called “IPG beams” (“I” describes the shape, “P” stands for profile, and “G” for Galler) connect the upright frames. The pallets are placed on these beams. Galler offers outstanding flexibility in the configuration of these beams: The combination of three available structural heights (100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm) and various sheet metal thicknesses (from 1.75 to 2.5 mm) allows the IPG beams to be designed precisely for the required load per shelf.

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Push-through protector

Is mounted on the frame for each shelf and prevents the pallets from being pushed too far and falling down.

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For use in the picking area as well as for storing cardboard boxes and cases. The chipboard panels are placed on the beams and locked with Z plates.
Alternatively, grating shelves can be used that absorb high point loads and are suitable for warehouses with sprinkler systems.
Wire mesh decks placed on top prevent fall-through or can be used to store small items.