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Galler flow levels with wheel tracks

Galler's order picking flow levels can be designed as stand-alone solutions or they can be integrated into the Galler pallet rack. Pallet storage bins can be arranged in the racking bay above the order picking levels, allowing the replenishment of the wheel track flow levels without long travel distances.

Order picking flow racks can make the picking of small parts or packages of any size significantly more efficient. The flow racks are based on the “first in, first out” principle. The stored goods move forward automatically on wheel tracks to reach the retrieval point. This compact storage method keeps travel distances for order picking extremely short. The compact racks with their small sizes are an attractive option for environments where there is a large assortment of goods with a high turnover.

Application and solution examples

Accessories for order picking flow levels

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Guide tracks

The tracks are made from galvanised, torsion-resistant sheet steel. They guide and separate the stored goods on the sides. They come in maximum lengths of 6,000 mm to 20,000 mm. The channel width can be adjusted without tools. The guide tracks are also available in tubular design (diameter 20 mm, length up to 2,500 mm). For special applications, customised guide tracks are available.

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Support adapters

To allow the integration of the flow frames into all system support structures, Galler offers support adapters that can be adjusted to the individual application scenario. They speed up assembly and come with lateral keyholes with a 20-mm pitch. Their standard height is 1,800 mm.