Push-back trolley system

An alternative to push-back racks.

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Galler Trolley-System

The push-back trolley system is gentler on the stored goods and can be an alternative to simple push-back racking. It provides the same benefits and range of possible applications, but in addition, it allows the pressure-free storage of the goods.

Push-back and flow racks both have inclined roller lanes. The drawback of this system is that during storage and retrieval, the goods or pallets touch each other and the goods cannot be stored without dynamic pressure. The push-back trolley racking system combines the advantages of a roller rack with those of a drive-in rack where storage is on a level surface: With this system, the unit loads are put on trolleys with a level load deck.

Up to five trolleys can be used per lane.

GALLER trolleys – your benefits:

  • Pallets of different types and in various conditions can be stored in one channel.
  • The trolley supports all skids of the pallet.
  • Low-maintenance system components that are easy to replace.
  • The slight inclination of only 2.5 % reduces the dynamic pressure.
  • Suitable for use in freezer warehouses.

Application and solution examples

Your benefits

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How It Works

The trolleys run on ball-bearing steel rollers in a rail system. Because of the excellent running properties of these rollers, the rails require only a very small inclination of only 2.5 %. This means that even with heavy pallets, the truck does not have to apply much pushing force when storing new pallets.

The sizes of the trolleys are such that they fit underneath each other – if the channel is empty, all trolleys sit on top of each other at the loading face. When filling the channel, a pallet is loaded on the topmost trolley.

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Your benefits

  • The push-back trolley supports all three skids of a pallet. This makes the system independent of the quality of the pallets and particularly suited to the crosswise storage of pallets. Even damaged pallets can be stored.
  • Mixed storage of different pallet types and wire mesh boxes.
  • Low-maintenance system components that are easy to replace.
  • Easy to install; retrofitting existing pallet racks is quick and easy.
  • Horizontal orientation of pallets reduces damage to stored goods and increases efficiency during operation.