Shelf racks

Suitable for non-palletised goods.

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Galler shelf racks – for versatile combinations

Shelf racks are an important component for the optimal utilisation of warehouse floor space. They offer high flexibility with regard to the stored goods because the goods are set down on continuous surfaces, which does not require any storage equipment.

Flexibility is the strongest advantage of a shelf rack to allow the storage of items without any special containers or storage equipment. For this reason, shelf racking systems are used primarily for the storage and picking of non-palletised unit loads, small parts in containers, items in secondary packages, or loose goods.

With Galler shelf racks, items are fairly easy to see and easy to reach; and shelf racks require only a relatively modest investment.

The shelves of Galler shelf racks simply slot into the T frame for quick assembly. The height can be between 1,800 mm and 7,500 mm, operation can be from one side or both sides, and there are four different widths and various depths available. With these configuration options, the shelf racking system can be adapted to the physical conditions on site and the goods that will be stored. They system also allows the construction of multi-tier racking systems.

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Versatile shelves

Galler shelves are available in widths of 750 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,300 mm and 1,500 mm and in many different depths (300 to 1,000 mm). This means they can be optimally adapted to the existing storage space and the goods that will be stored.

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Shelf loads

Depending on the desired load per shelf, Galler offers four different types of shelves. The shelves rated for 85 kg and 150 kg, respectively, are suited for the optimal adjustment of the compartment heights because their structural height is only 25 mm. Heavy loads of 250 kg and 330 kg, respectively, require our heavy-duty shelves with a thickness of 40 mm.