Single-storage pallet racks

For use with particularly heavy unit loads.

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GALLER single-storage pallet racks

Better space utilisation and the storage of particularly heavy items are important reasons for choosing single-storage pallet racks.

In this warehouse, the rack uprights are spaced just far enough apart to allow storing one pallet. Typically, angle sections installed depthwise support the unit loads – omitting the rack beams creates even more space.

As a rule, single-storage pallet racks are well suited to the storage of heavy items because they offer better load distribution (column load) compared to multi-storage racks. Because of the easy-to-reach arrangement of the unit loads, single-storage pallet racks are also frequently chosen for applications where picking is performed directly from the pallet (or wire mesh box).

Application and solution examples

Accessories for single-storage pallet racks

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Front-to-back support G hook

These hook-on front-to-back supports provide a flexible solution for setting up a single-storage pallet rack. The two welded G hooks simply hook into the lateral slotted holes of the uprights. Thanks to the 50-mm spacing of the slotted holes, the compartment height is flexible and can be adjusted and modified quickly and without tools at any time. The continuous push-through protector is mounted on a bracket on the rear upright.

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Front-to-back support on crossbar

To ensure structural stability, the OMEGA single-storage rack is reinforced with crossbars at the top and – depending on the height of the structure – with more crossbars at one or multiple levels. With this system, the front-to-back support is bolted to the crossbar. The continuous push-through protector is again fastened to the back.