Tailor-made service and maintenance – starting with consultation and planning to installation to regular rack inspections – safeguard your investment and increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Our focus is always on the ideal solution for you and your intralogistics requirements.

Planning and consultation

  • Our experienced sales consultants support you 24/7 during the entire process, from the first definition of the warehousing needs all the way to after-sales issues, and are also available to come on-site.
  • GALLER’s experienced project team makes sure that the planning and design phase of your new racking system will proceed without a hitch: design engineers, structural engineers and project managers develop a custom-made warehouse solution to fit your requirements and your storage goods.
  • And of course, we provide consultation and quotations in your language.
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Measurements, design draft, approval drawing, building permit

  • We take the project measurements with centimetre accuracy – this becomes the basis of your tailor-made storage solution.
  • An optional 3D scan of the conditions in your warehouse building provides additional details.
  • Based on design drafts, we work with you to create the first layouts until you give your approval.
  • If necessary, we supply compliant static calculations for your building permit.

Complete provider for all solutions

  • We handle all your storage and conveyor system requirements!
  • If necessary, we complement our extensive product portfolio with partial solutions from reliable and proven partner companies – at GALLER, if you wish you always receive a solution from a single source!
  • We realise the most efficient storage solution for you!
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Freight and installation

  • Freight and installation are always included in our services for you.
  • Our products come with the right transport packaging and are pre-assembled where necessary.
  • Customs clearance where applicable is also always included in our service package.
  • Anywhere in Europe, our experienced technicians take care of setting up your GALLER rack systems. Quickly, safely, professionally.

Your contact for

Gregor Schreiber

Your point of contact for
installation and rack inspections

Kerstin Faust

Rack inspections and certified safety

  • We ensure the permanent operating safety and long service life of your racks.
  • DIN EN 15635 requires your racking system to be inspected every 12 months.
  • Our rack inspectors perform careful on-site rack inspections in accordance with legal requirements, in Germany: BetrSichV and DGUV 108-007 (formerly BGR 234).
  • Any necessary corrective measures (replacement of damaged components) will be initiated at once.
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Complaints management

  • In the event that something goes wrong, we find a solution quickly and efficiently.
  • Our first priority is your satisfaction and a storage system in perfect working order!

Spare parts

  • GALLER racking systems stand out for their long service life, stability and safety.
  • We supply replacement components for years, also for bespoke systems.
  • We create tailor-made spare parts packages for your maintenance team, for example if our products are an integral component of automated systems.

Certified safety and extended warranty

  • The CE marking on GALLER products documents GALLER’s compliance with all relevant EU Directives and technical specifications.
  • If a maintenance contract is taken out, GALLER extends the warranty for structural components to five years.
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Prototyping and test centre

  • For complex tasks and unusual challenges, we start off with feasibility testing.
  • At the GALLER test centre, we perform testing of bespoke designs and the suitability of special unit loads.
  • If desired, we build a full-sized prototype that you can test at your warehouse.

Developing custom-made solutions

  • We are your development partner for all warehousing and storage questions.
  • Make use of our know-how and the decades of experience of our experts.
  • In partnership with you, we develop detailed or complete solutions just for you.


  • We also offer support in the area of financing and/or leasing.
  • Together with you, we develop system-specific financing models.